we powder coat aluminium and steel

In our powder paint shop we guarantee the best anti-corrosion protection of aluminium and steel through applying the latest materials and technology for powder coating.

We are able to carry out individual projects which are left unique and boasting decoration for many years. We possess two technology lines that are equipped with modern equipment for powder coating in Wielkopolska, thanks to which we can accomplish all powder coating tasks demanded in the market nowadays.

Chamber dimensions for curing powder coatings:
Length 7,300 x width 1,300 x height 1,800

Powder coating of aluminium

The best possible surface preparation before coating in Wielkopolska – yellow aluminium chrome plating..

Each and every aluminium part we prepare for coating by using a six-container dip in yellow aluminium chrome plating, which ensures the maximum adhesion of lacquer detailing and improves the resistance against coat corrosion, assuring long lasting and no hassle utilisation.


We cover aluminium parts in our powder paint shop in Wielkopolska only with certified Qualicoat or GSB powders in a variety of surface finishes depending on the customer’s wishes.

The process of preparing the surface for aluminium chrome plating and the quality of the powder coating is controlled by us according to precise guidelines.

After lacquering in our powder paint shop, the aluminium parts characterise high aesthetic values, excellent anti-corrosion resistance, resistance to weather conditions and very good mechanical properties.

Powder coating of steel

In our powder coating shop located in Kopanki in Wielkopolska we paint parts of black, galvanised and stainless steel.

We prepare the steel for powder coating depending on the customer’s wishes by sand blasting or precision grind-washing and degreasing with an individually chosen chemical process.

Steel parts are powder coated with one, two or even three layers, depending on the system requirements, to create excellent anti-corrosion protection.

Proven powder coating methods in our powder paint shop, the use of excellent quality materials from well-known manufacturers and many years of experience make us provide one of the best coatings on the market that are appreciated by our customers.

In our powder paint shop, we use equipment for painting large-size items, and our aluminium powders always have a Qualicoat certificate.

Powder coatings are applied using modern electrostatic guns from Swiss company GEMA and our powders for aluminium are always certified by Qualicoat or GSB. In the process, we use powder from approved manufacturers, including companies such as: DuPont, IGP, Oxyplast, Jotun.

Oven dimensions: Length 7,200 mm x width 1,200 mm x height 1,600 mm,

We work on modern powder coating equipment in our newly created powder paint shop. We are constantly expanding our paint shop and refining the machine park. We gladly take on every challenge.

We were founded in Wielkopolska in 1992. For more than a decade, we have successfully developed our business in the field of assembly of aluminium and PVC construction joinery and woodwork, and we have carried out construction work throughout the country.
In 2004, we expanded our business offer by adding the powder coating service for aluminium and steel parts. Thanks to a modern equipped powder paint shop together with aluminium chrome plating and a professional, fully qualified team of employees, we are able to satisfy all your requirements for high quality coatings created as a result of powder coating.
As a professional powder paint shop, we permanently cooperate with approved suppliers, from whom we buy high quality materials.
Chemetall® (aluminium chrome plating), IGP Pulvertechnik®, Axalta® / DuPont, JOTUN®, INVER®, Akzo Nobel®, Tiger®, Teknos®


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